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What Is Your Teaching Style?

Love to Learn I use a different approach for each student because each of you learns differently and learning a language is never a “one size fits all” process. What makes me unique and different from a lot of other tutors is that I make every class fun, funny and memorable. I also focus on the student’s strengths to build your confidence, while having fun learning from your mistakes. My philosophy is that mistakes are the best way to help you learn. Most of all, I like to laugh while we’re learning. So come along and have a blast with me while building up your fluency in English.

Tell Me About Your Lessons!

Classroom image I will assess each student’s level and discuss their learning goals with them during the first trial lesson. I use many different resources to target the specific areas you want to see improvement in, such as videos, listening comprehension, practice exercises and conversation topics. I will also give you an approximate length of time that I feel you will need to reach your goals. Every lesson is different and always includes all the skills necessary to improve fluency: grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, writing, reading and pronunciation. You’ll always have fun and will laugh often during your lessons with me! Most importantly, you will learn new concepts in every lesson.

How Do I Book a Lesson?

English Contact me through any links on my site to discuss your needs. All queries answered within 24 hours. Any student who wants regular ongoing lessons on a monthly basis can start General English lessons immediately (see my General English details here). For those who want short courses to target specific areas or deal with specific topics, please look at my courses page for further details.

View my course packages
What Times Are You Available?

Days of the weekI am available:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
  • 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm

My timezone is Pacific Daylight. To convert these times to your local time, please use the timezone converter. I book sets of 5 lessons on a monthly basis for General English lessons, up to a total of 25 lessons per month.

What Do I Need to Take Lessons with You?

Days of the week All lessons are conducted on Zoom. You will need a desktop PC or laptop to access the meetings from, a good quality microphone and high resolution camera. You will also need a strong internet connection to ensure that your lessons can take place without disruption. You will also be required to have a Skype account, where you will be sent links, documents and messages regarding lesson bookings etc. You cannot attend lessons from your phone unless specifically booking conversational lessons. Cameras must remain open at all times during lessons.

I teach any adult over 18, from A2 level up to C2 level. I don't accept absolute beginner students (A1 level) and students must be capable of holding a simple conversation to start lessons with me.

What Rates Will I Pay?

How Much? For General English lessons, the cost is $20 for the trial lesson. Any student who books a set of 5 lessons for the first time will receive the 30-minute trial lesson free once payment has been received for the set of 5. Each set of 5 lessons costs $140 for one student. (For 2 or 3 students together please view my Courses page).

For any of my courses, the costs and content are different for each one. For details of all courses including General English, please click below.

View my course packages

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

I accept payments through Zelle in the USA; Wise and Revolut from a variety of countries, and PayPal from all other countries.

Zelle, Paypal, Wise, Revolut
Do You Offer Any Specials or Discounts?

Special Offer If you are a new student and you book a block of 5 lessons, you will get a free lesson before you start the 5 lessons. This free lesson will consist of 30 minutes and I will carry out an assessment of your level of English and a brief conversation lesson.

I also offer referral bonuses:

  • If you refer a student who books a package of 5, you will get a free lesson.
  • If you refer a student who books 2 packages of 5, you will receive 3 free lessons.
  • If you refer a student who books 3 packages of 5, you will receive 5 free lessons.
  • If you book any Business English package as a group team and refer another group team for any Business Package, each group will receive a 10% reduction of the total cost. Both packages must be booked at the same time to receive this discount.
  • Referral bonuses for other courses are also available. Please enquire directly if interested in learning more information.
Links and Resources
  1. Rachel's English
    An excellent source of pronunciation guides, and much more
  2. English with Lucy
    British English resource with many amazing videos and recommendations
  3. 7ESL
    Very comprehensive learning material offering vocabulary and grammar in a clearly laid out formula. Also has a YouTube channel
  4. Perfect English Grammar
    Fantastic site to help explain and practice English tenses and conditionals
  5. Learn English Today
    An excellent site with sections for grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs, Business English and much more
  6. English Maven
    Great site with free lessons and exercises
  7. Business English Resources
    Lots and lots of practice exercises with common business collocations
  8. Easy World of English
    Very comprehensive site with an excellent section to help pronunciation
  9. Basic English Speaking
    Filled with all kinds of useful practical information
  10. English Grammar
    Very clearly laid out sections on all aspects of grammar


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